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Shoplifting and Theft Prevention Class in St. Petersburg & Pinellas

Shoplifting Class & Theft Prevention Class in St. Petersburg, Pinellas County, FL

About West Coast Behavioral's Shoplifting and Theft Prevention Class

If you have been caught shoplifting or otherwise stealing, you may be required to complete a Shoplifting and Theft Prevention Class as one of your plea or probation requirements.

The National Association for Shoplifting and Theft Prevention (NASP) reports there are 27 million shoplifters within the United States. On average, this is one in 11 people. Shoplifting might seem like a crime only associated with teens, but 75 percent of these people are adults, and 25 percent are minors.

Shoplifting and Theft Prevention Class help offenders since shoplifting is often impulsive and not planned. Only 25% of shoplifters intended to steal. Shoplifters claim they are only caught once every 48 attempts (which is barely 2%).  

Our Shoplifting and Theft Prevention Class helps offenders identify and control urges that trigger compulsive behaviors, making it possible to avoid repetitive, criminal behavior in the future.

 In some cases, individuals are required to complete Shoplifting and Theft Prevention Class from 5-15 hours for court; in these cases, we are happy to work out a program that will allow you to get the required hours. Our classes are attended by those self-referred for self-improvement or the courts. Call for more information @ (727) 471-8087.

Shoplifting and Theft Prevention Class Includes:

  • The underlining issues that trigger the impulse to steal.
  • Evaluate the strategies and tools that shoplifters and thieves use
  • Learn how to use emotional intelligence to promote recovery
  • Shoplifting and Theft Prevention Class helps you gain relapse prevention strategies to assist you from re-offending.
  • Understand how anger and depression influences behavior.
  • Learn how to develop self-awareness, know triggers, and avoid criminal behavior.

Sliding fee schedules, payment plans, late night and weekend hours make our facility available to those required to take a Shoplifting and Theft Prevention Class by Pinellas County authorities.  We work closely with probation, city, and county officials to get you the help you need when you need it.

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