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Marriage Counseling or Couples Counseling-Make Time for Relationships

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Marriage counseling and couples counseling are goal-driven and take time.  Today’s corporate culture is “hooked” on urgency where everything is a priority, needs to be done yesterday. This “urgency addiction” has become a way of life, a workaholic culture. Company routine revolves around a series of emergency “fires” that need extinguishing immediately. Employees run from project to project with caffeine energy and buckets of sand.  Sprinkling a little sand here, a little there, they feel exhausted at the end of the day, yet cannot point to any specific accomplishment or finished project.

The Need for Marriage Counseling or Couples Counseling vs. Urgency Addiction

Urgency addiction permeates today’s organizations and affects all who work there. It produces an adrenaline rush of feeling important but soon leads to exhaustion and burnout. Those who attempt to fight it by asking, “But, which one is the priority?” are told, “Everything is a priority.” Employees dance as fast as they can but fall increasingly behind.

Marriage counseling or couples counseling becomes a necessity in an environment that has become increasingly isolated from healthy relationships, entertainment, and even personal time.

How is the Toxic Environment that leads to the Need for Marriage Counseling and Couples Counseling Created?

Workers try to compensate by taking work home, coming in early, or sacrificing time on weekends to improve productivity with no interruptions.  Marriage counseling and couple counseling becomes inevitable because you are living to work rather than working to live.  We’ll get to this later.

Taking work home, coming in early, or sacrificing time on weekends is usually rewarded with yet another project, another area of responsibility, and more simmering fires to extinguish.

With COVID, work and home often become the same place leaving little time to resolve relationship issues or for “cooling off” time.

By accepting bonuses, promotions, stock options, and buy-outs, boomers are trapped with “golden handcuffs” that make it difficult to leave, hard to stay, and impossible to say “no.” Money becomes the goal rather than a means to an end. Workers find that each rung of the success ladder only takes them to a higher level of urgency addiction.  As one executive explained, “I’m at the top, but I don’t like the view.”

Living to Work or Working to Live and how it affects Marriage Counseling and Couples Counseling

“Work to Live” basically means that you must work to have the time and freedom to enjoy life.

“Work to Live” is an easy trap to fall into and means that your job is no longer essential to you once you return home and that your attention will be on your hobbies and your friends and family.  “Work to Live” obviously will give you the time you need for marriage counseling or couples counseling when and where it’s appropriate.

Furthermore, living means working to obtain resources that allow you to be a productive member of society and provide for a comfortable lifestyle.

However, the concept of “live to work” can be understood in two different ways.

  1. Your entire life revolves around work, which can be very bad for your health.  It can create the need for marriage counseling or couples counseling, but you cannot find the time to do so.
  2. You are passionate about your job and your life. If you love what your job does, you might think that you don’t need to work one day.

But is one approach better than another? If so, how do you choose?

Be careful how much you invest yourself in your work.

Sometimes living to work means missing out on all of the good stuff life can offer apart from your job.

You can love your job, and it’s terrific if you do. However, make sure that you don’t overwork yourself.


techniques to fight urgency addiction in your life to Make time for marriage counseling or couples counseling

  • Take the weekends off.

  • Don’t work for more than 10–12 hours per day.

  • Spend more time with your partner.

  • Go on a vacation

  • Work on yourself.

  • Get a new hobby.

Life is never about one thing, so you need to find the perfect balance between everything.

  • Review your calendar at the beginning of the week.
  • Highlight the priorities and goals for each day.

These simple rules will help you to narrow your focus. While unexpected emergencies may occur, you will be much less likely to be in a reactive mode if you take time to plan.

  • Avoid hop-scotching. Resist hopping from one project to another without finishing what you start. You know what I mean; you begin cleaning up a pile on your desk and then decide to create a file system. When you look in the files, you realize they have to be thinned, and so on. Finish one thing before you move on to something else.
  • Do big projects first. You may tend to gravitate to projects or work that is easy to do. These often tend to be small projects that are “no-brainers.” Possibly you kid yourself that if you clean up these small projects, you can give your full attention to the big things. The problem is never getting around to the large projects. So start with the ones you don’t want to do, and the small ones will get done along the way.
  • Have a sign over your desk that reads:  Lack of planning on your part…is not necessarily an emergency for me.
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